MARCH 1 2014  - 11:45am  //  CONTAX G2
Here's the film shots I took from mine and Cristals shoot. I seriously love this little babe and if anyone wants to know how to win her over, you simply buy her Takis. Lots and lots of Takis!
-- Clothing was provided by
Hellz Bellz and Makeup was done by none other than the very talented....

MARCH 3 2014  - 6:06pm  //  TEST SHOOT  -  ALYSSA SCOTT
MARCH 6 2014  - 2:12pm  //  CRISTAL SERRANO
I think I'm the last person to switch from the iPhone 4 to the 5s -- having the latest gadget's doesn't really impress me but I must say I somewhat enjoy this upgrade. The phone is way
lighter, has a better design and the thumb unlock feature trips me out every time. Aside from that I don't see much of a difference. Then again I only use my phone for it's main
purposes.. sexting and checking email's. Other then the handful of factor's it's just another useless thing I have to lug around to fit in with society -- at least now I'm curent. I blew through
about 15-20 iphone 4's due to never putting a case on it. This time I'm trying to reduce that number by slapping some LV leather ($350) around the device. As most Louis Vuitton
products; there is no extra design or function that goes beyond the designated purpose. At least the Gucci case has a cool "pull tab" to help assist getting your phone out. Come on
Loui, up your game!

Canon 5D MK II
I shot a new set of images for Molly Water last week. I really love clients that trust my judgment when it comes to models, film or digital format and mostly, my uninhibited shooting style.
I wish more companies lived in the real world and didn't try to sell their products through a fantasy.

Contax G2 - Kodak Portra 400
MARCH 7 2014  - 11:34pm  //  IPHONE 5s
Mercedes was visiting LA and all I can say about this babe is she's one awesome chick. She was as sweet as sugar, always laughing and had a great energy to be around. I had two prior
test shoots so I was pretty beat but man, her energy got me pumped and it was as if I never wanted our time together to end. Everyone be sure to follow her new IG
@Unimerce -- Miss ya

Canon 5D MK II
MARCH 10 2014  - 6:09pm  //  NATHALIA FOR MOLLY WATER
What better way to kick off Spring than with my old bud, Alysha. Every recent shoot between her and I has been for a project. This time we said fuck it and just had some fun. It was nice
to talk and laugh with this babe while reminiscing on when we first met a few years ago. We reflected on all of the crazy shit...

MARCH 13 2014  - 10:04pm  //  TEST SHOOT  -  MERCEDES
One of the things on my to do list this month was to paint and snazzy up my apartment/workspace. If you follow my journal you will know that last year I really tried to put effort into my
place and bought a lot of vintage Gucci and Louis Vuitton pieces to put around my space. Then I got super busy and shit just had to go...

MARCH 15 2014  - 3:49pm  //  ALYSHA NETT
MARCH 26 2014  - 10:45pm  //  SHAY MARIA
Alyssa was visiting LA from up north so we decided to do a spur of the moment test shoot. When I test new girls I almost never know what to expect. It just comes with the territory. Faces
and bodies always seem to fluctuate from the moment they send me candids to the time they make their way through my door. I'm often pleasantly...

Last month was my Birthday so I decided to treat myself to a camera that has been on my shopping list. I always hear great things about the Contax G2 and I've seen the results of
renowned photographers that shoot with this gem -- I guess I shall I add my two cents.

I tried to find a body that was in mint condition and located one in Japan. It arrived in 3 days and looked fresh out of the box. It truly looked as if it was never fired and came with all
original packaging and contents. You know us camera whores, we love virgin blood. I then proceeded to find the right glass that would fit my needs; I decided to go with the 35mm F2.
Once again a package arrived that appeared to be brand new. Seriously, I never get this lucky but I also spent around $1,200 for this setup so apparently you really do get what you pay
for. Now on to the important stuff. Right away you can feel the craftsmanship that was put into the production of both pieces. Built solid and ergonomically pleasant in the hand. The
design is simple yet speaks volumes and the functions counter balance the form. Truly a formula for greatness.

I loaded a test roll, took a breath and fired my first shot. Holy fuck, it was amazing! The Auto Focus is just as fast as the film advance. There is literally zero lag in between shots. You
would think you were shooting with a DSLR for heaven sakes! After blasting through my first roll I was hooked. I don't remember the last time I have been this impressed by a cameras
performance and overall functionality. I can honestly say I doubt I'll be putting this baby down anytime soon.

Now, just like all great things there are also some flaws that I would like to point out to those that are in the market. The AF takes some time to get used to, especially since you're
shooting through a range finder. My test roll come out okay but I felt the focus wasn't at 100%. After doing a little research and shooting more rolls through the camera I started to get
the hang of it. You will find that the AF button on the back of the camera will come in handy when starting out with this particular setup. After about my 5th roll and seeing the results I
can honestly say there's a sweet spot in the focus that once you find will impact your photographs dramatically. Another thing that's kind of annoying is minor but again will take some
getting used to. The lens hood is present while looking through the view finder. This is no way affects the images and after awhile you forget it's even there but it's just one of those small
details that you wish wasn't visible.

Overall I think this camera produces spectacular images and I would highly recommend it to anyone debating on the purchase. You can get a G1 for half the price but I don't think the
35mm glass will fit without an adapter (I could be wrong). I can't wait to share the photos with you guys!
Bekka and I have become BFF's (Brunch Friends Forever) so on a typical weekend we will have to wait in a 45 minute line to brunch at one of Hollywood's trendy spots. This week we
decided to hit The Griddle on Sunset. Holy shit the food was amazing and the French press coffee was de-lish! They have outside seating so...

MARCH 19 2014  - 1:43pm  //   MY LIL WORKSPACE
For the first installment of the CBNC feature I wanted to showcase the Floral Camp hat. Made from heavy-weight canvas in a rich red tone that will surely add a splash of color to any
outfit. Just the right amount of luxurious touches with the tan leather strap on back and matching leather patch on...

MARCH 22 2014  - 11:11pm  //  BEKKA GUNTHER
Last year Shay and I decided to start working on a book that is compiled of images from when we first met in 2009 to present day. We've also been trying to capture new images that
showcase a current range and development between both of us, not only in our work but also the individuals...

MARCH 24 2014  - 3:27pm  //  ROXY FERRARI FOR CBNC PT.1