I went  to Vegas to shoot my good friend, Jenny Chu for Molly Water. Instead of getting a hotel room I ended up shacking up with her for a few days. The first night I was like "let's
fucking rage" but apparently locals (this goes for all of my friends that live in Vegas) don't really go out that much since they work in club scene. We ended up...

JULY 1 2014  - 6:25pm  //  CBNC LOOKBOOK OUTTAKES
Happy Fourth of July everyone! Don't forget to grab one of our 'Merica tees while we have them. Be safe and you better shotgun a beer for us!

JULY 2 2014  - 7:15pm  //  LAS VEGAS
Here's some of the final CBNC Summer '14 lookbook photos. In this story Jared is playing the role of me, right out of a page of my own life. Obviously I had to tone it down to tailor it to
clothing but overall I think you can sense the character of Jared is more physically drawn to, rather than emotionally attached to, the roles Bekka and Mariah are portraying...

JULY 4 2014  - 1:43pm  //   'MERICA!
JULY 18 2014  - 1:30am  //  ALYSSA BARBARA
I shot the CBNC Summer '14 lookbook last week at Fashen's place. Here's the 35mm outtakes that will be used as narration pieces for the project (you'll see what I mean when the actual
lookbook gets posted). I was happy to hire my friends Jarred Eugene, Bekka Gunther and Mariah Lee for the task. This is actually the first project that I've written...

I can't believe my little princess is already two years old! I feel like just yesterday I was holding her little fluffy body in my hands and wondering what the hell I got myself into. She has
by far been one of the most important things in my life. Fotopuppy, I think I speak for everyone that has hugged and kissed you when I say that I love you to the moon and back...

JULY 6 2014  - 3:14pm  //   CBNC SUMMER '14 LOOKBOOK
I was looking for new places to hike last week and stumbled upon this really awesome location in the Hollywood Hills. It wa rad during the day but turns out it's even better at night as a
photographic playground. Unfortunetely I only had an hour window to shoot before we got kicked out. The thing I don't understand, we got kicked out for...

JULY 7 2014  - 10:48pm  //  FOTOPUPPY TURNED 2
This was my first time meeting Donnis (Fools Gold)  but was familiar with him and his music through mutual friends. Donnis was a really nice, humble dude and has an inviting spirit
about him. You can tell he's genuine and a true artist. I dig that shit, especially since out here in LA everyone wants the bling and tend to sell...

JULY 8  2014  - 1:25pm  //  FRANCIS + ELLEN  /  HEL:LZ BELLZ
Here's the film shots from last month with Ashleigh. She's one of those girls that I don't think I could ever get tired of. Everything about her is great and I just simply enjoy spending time
with her. Even if I never photographed her again (which would fucking suck) I would be content knowing that I could call her up for a coffee session and...

JULY 9 2014  - 11:29am  //  DONNIS  /  FOOLS GOLD RECORDS
I choose not to allow too many people in my circle, professionally and personally. I guess it mostly comes down to the fact that very few individuals seem genuine these days. Plus, this
isn't high school, I can careless if I'm the popular dude. As long as I have a handful of real friends that I know will always be there for me, that's all I need. Thank you to those who have
stayed up with me til 4am packaging products and to those that have always helped me in any endeavour I've tried to pursue. I love you all!

Contax G2
JULY 10 2014  - 12:45pm  //  ASHLEIGH RAE  /  WILHELMINA LA
I have been really into running and trying to get into shape. I'm stoked to almost be down to my goal weight. The last few years of drinking, putting bad shit into my body and not
sleeping well is for sure making the last 10lbs difficult for me to shed. It's crazy though, I feel so much better and can see the difference in my mood. I'm kind of less of an asshole these
days. Shit's gnarly. -- Be warned, the way you treat your body today will effect it tomorrow.

Contax G2
JULY 11 2014  - 11:07pm  //  LIFE
I recently got booked for a shoot at an LA studio. Forty five minutes into it Soulja Boy walked in. I literally photographed him for ten minutes, shook his hand and that was it. I dig how
random my job is. -- P.s. I wish I would have asked him if he's ever really "Superman dat hoe"? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Canon 5D MK II
JULY 12 2014  - 6:41pm  //  LIFE
35mm photos of Alektra Blue from a while back. The best part about shooting film is you never know what is going to pop up on the rolls you have laying around your workspace. I forgot
we even shot these and then I instantly remember how much fun we had. Film + Jameson has always seemed to...

JULY 12 2014  - 6:41pm  //  LIFE
I haven't put out a skate deck in over four years so I'm extremely ecstatic to throw out some new wood for you guys. This is going to be a capsule of random releases featuring  Canadian
Maple decks boasting my 35mm photographs. I know the deck craze is super played out right now but hopefully you guys can differentiate the difference between what I'm doing and
the sea of bullshit on the market. -- The first part of the series is gearing up to release next month. I'll say this, the samples looks fucking amazing!

Canon 5D MK II
JULY 17 2014  - 10:25pm  //  ALEKTRA BLUE
Film shots of my Canadian OCD girl. Next time she comes out we're going to party!

Contax G2
JULY 17 2014  - 5:15pm  //  PRODUCT