I finally got around to processing some film. Here's a few shots of Shay. Enjoy!

MARCH 2 2015  - 8:16pm  //  PRODUCT
I randomly talked to Sydney, whom I haven't seen in ages and told her we needed a hangout-sesh. I'll be damned, the girl moved a couple of streets over from me. Last time we shot I
think she was living in San Diego or somewhere way the fuck out there. I tell ya, life changes shit so fast. She caught me up on what's going...

MARCH 5 2015  - 7:56am  //   SHAY
I haven't seen Demi in awhile. Apparently I blocked her from IG without me even realizing it, which made her think I was mad at her. From the moment I met her at some lame pool
party in the hills, we've had a bumpy friendship mixed with this weird chemistry. I'll never forget saying something so douchey to her when she...

MARCH 7 2015  - 9:20pm  //  SYDNEY MALER
Cristal literally hopped off of her flight back from Hawaii and came over just to check out our new decks and to sign mine. What a rad chick! They just don't make 'em as special as her
anymore. It's really rare for me to have a moment to put everything aside and sit and talk with someone, but when she's over...

MARCH 10  2015  - 4:43pm  //  DEMI
MARCH 31  2015  -  5:37pm  //  MOLLY WATER
Seeing as how our Whiskey glasses were such a hit last year, I figured I would take a new photo just to let you guys know that they'll be coming back soon. Don't sleep this time! These
and our Work More Bitch Less mugs are our most asked about accessories.

Canon 5D MK II
MARCH 1 2015  - 2:10pm  //  CAMERA HAUL
I decided to buy a couple point and shoot camera's last month. The Leica D lux 4 and Ricoh I've had before and was stoked that I found both brand new. The Olympus MJUII is a new
camera to me and was pretty hard to obtain brand new in the box. I definitely over paid for it considering some people are finding them at thrift stores for about $5 and I ended up
paying $175. After shooting a few rolls through it I can honestly say I don't care about the bloated price tag. It's way slimmer than the Yashica T4 (I've gone through 5 of those already)
and just as sharp! The Ricoh GR is probably my new favorite digital P&S. I haven't toted around a Ricoh since the GRD2 which was one of the most touchy cameras I have ever owned.
The lens barrel was notorious for getting stuck and the processor was lack-luster to say the least.. This one though, is fucking amazing! It easily outshines the D Lux 4 and 6. I would
highly recommend the GR and MJUII to anyone that wants a solid compact to throw in your pocket for those candid moments.

Canon 5D MK II
Some of the things, brands and establishments that I like.

Ricoh GR
MARCH 11  2015  - 9:15pm  //  CRISTAL SERRANO  -  SKATE DECKS
Here's some quick snaps I did for Diamond Supply Co. Enjoy!

Thanks Chive for the post today. We still need to hang out and chat over a bottle of Jameson.

MARCH 12  2015  - 11:17pm  //  LIFE
Seeing as how everyone is always asking us to bring back the WMBL Coffee Mug and how we've been finding so many bootlegs on the Internet, we figured it was time. We will also be
introducing the WMBL aluminum Architect Ruler. This thing is fucking awesome and we personally use it everyday when

MARCH 14  2015  - 6:03pm  //  LIFE
Want to hear something wild? No matter how much shit I've had on my plate lately or how stressed I've been, I find myself in this weird mental state where I know everything is going to
be okay. I mean, fuck, I even cut way back on booze and drugs again and I'm still over here loving life. This is a huge leap forward when I think about just how depressed and weird I
can get. I really think some of us (humans) are born odd. We internally don't fit in with the standards of society, even if the exterior blends in perfectly. Life's an intricate fucker and I truly
don't know where or what I would be if I didn't have the opportunity to immerse myself in my work. Who knows what types of demons would come out. I hope you all find what it is that
makes you passionate. The one thing that you can run to when those dark clouds appear. Most importantly, just know there's assholes like me that totally get it. The internal battles we
face is a hard thing to explain and few ever understand. I would know, I've spent a lot of money trying. -- Weird or normal, I wish you all the best and hope you're having a great day.

Ricoh GR
MARCH 13  2015  - 2:15pm  //  DIAMOND SUPPLY CO
It was a hot day when Roxy came over, literally. I didn't feel like taking photographs and opted for ice cream instead. We came back to my place and next thing I knew, these photo's
were in my camera. Sometimes it merely takes something completely opposite of your agenda...

MARCH 17  2015  - 10:45pm  //  THE CHIVE
A couple of months ago I was at a low point. I was stuck in my apartment battling the declines that life often times makes us endure. I was thinking about personal and emotional feats
that have changed my life and in ways, broken my heart. High on cocaine, I took to my frustrations with nothing more than a marker and cardstock. I wrote down what seemed like an
endless amount of thoughts and turned them into notes. The next morning, stumbling through my apartment, laying in a pile under whiskey bottles and residue, I found all of the pains
that I never verbally express. -- I will be throwing these in with all order for the next two weeks or while I still have them. I figured there's others that might relate, someone who is going
through the same tribulations and need to be reminded that they aren't alone. I think we tend to forget that we all have pains, regardless of the smile we wear, our economic stature or
social placement.
MARCH 19  2015  - 9:46am  //  ROXY
I took the day off to spend some time with this little cutie. It was great catching up over a joint, a few beers and a Netflix session. These photo's weren't planned in the slightest but I
couldn't help but to think there was something romantic about the way Tania looked. Natural, comfortable and real. I held her hand and for a moment, a brief...

MARCH 22  2015  - 11:50pm  //  LIFE
I've been seeing this iPhone shot I took for Alife™ get posted everywhere on the interweb. It always amazes me how much people appreciate a good ol' booty photo. I say this half
sarcastically, only half. Be on the lookout for a rad project between us in the near future.

iPhone 4s
MARCH 26  2015  - 5:15pm  //  TANIA
Here's an outtake I shot in New York when I was shooting the Lafayette catalog last year. I photographed Clark Kent's son for the closing pages of the book. The dynamics of them were
enlightening to say the least. It's no secret that I don't have a father figure but when I see these types of relationships, it somewhat makes me wish I got dealt a different hand.

Canon 5D MK II
MARCH 27  2015  - 8:09pm  //  ALIFE™
Fuck, I feel horrible about the way my weekend started. I mean, things were going fine. I was hanging out and shooting one of my favorite girls. We were totally laughing and having fun,
then the question got asked "want to drink?". Obviously I said yes but I wish I would have said otherwise. A couple drinks, popped a couple pills and life was grand. A little flirting and a
lot of laughing but of course me being the person I am, I didn't know my limit and the asshole version of me came out. To make a long story short, I acted like a total prick to some of my
friends, got in a fight with my neighbor and had the cops called on me. Luckily nothing gnarly happened besides some bruises, cuts and a broken window, oh, and I lost my Ricoh and
iPhone. -- When all is said and done,  just feel like a total dipshit. I was doing so well but once again my dark side came back out. I'm really sorry to everyone I pissed off. I truly hate that
I can be such a dick.
MARCH 28  2015  - 2:44pm  //  DJ CLARK KENT  -  NEW YORK
What's better than booty's and boards? Here's a couple of both that I shot the other day. Thank you Mariah for being such a rad girl. I really don't think you know how much I adore you.
--  We only have a few more Cristal decks left in stock. I've been throwing in free Grizzly™ grip and Diamond™ hardware

MARCH 29  2015  - 10:15pm  //  LIFE
I decided to close out the end of the month with Tania for Molly Water. I grabbed a blue paper roll, a Leica D Lux 4 and she tossed on (and off) this really rad hand crocheted bathing
suit. In the next couple of months we are going to go really hard on the Molly Water PR and marketing. It's always fun for me to try to figure out...

MARCH 30  2015  - 10:45am  //  BUTTS AND BOARDS