[ NOVEMBER 28, 2016 ]     -     UGG®
After tons of emails, we're extremely proud to finally release these handmade leather camera/hand straps with our longtime friends, Leef And Co. The straps are made from 100%
genuine leather with brass hardware and screen printed logo's on the front and back. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide!

Available now on our
[ NOVEMBER 5, 2016 ]     -     GREATS
I have been obsessed with Lui Magazine for the longest time. It's pretty safe to say that I was beyond excited for them to contact me. Fuck, even the fact that they noticed me was
pretty rad. Everyone from
Terry to Purienne has graced their glossy pages. Stay tuned for more info!

Leica Typ 109
[ NOVEMBER 2, 2016 ]     -     WESTVELYN
Stephanie and vino is quite the mix. Thank you for always being so amazing!

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When working with your close friends on projects, the atmosphere should always be a party. Good energy, good tunes and of course good booze. Here are some candids from my
shoot with
Josh before we ended up at my favorite local watering hole, The Hudson. From what I can remember, I had a good time. Thank you Cris for always taking care of me and my
friends with those stiff draaaaaanks!

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[ NOVEMBER 6, 2016 ]     -     PRODUCT
We are huge fans of footwear, especially amazingly produced footwear that skips all of the hoopla and goes straight in for the subtle kill. Design aspects that are so simple yet well
thought out with color schemes that are not only timeless but still completely relevant. That is exactly what the good people at
Greats have been creating which is why I was more than
happy to shoot a new visual for them.

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[ NOVEMBER 3, 2016 ]     -     LUI MAGAZINE
I love when people hire me to shoot them on a one-on-one basis. Especially when it's a friend like Westvelyn who I can speak freely with and she gives me full creative control. To a
certain degree, reservations are left at the door and she allows me to guide and shape the images in a honest and humble way. But then, I forget that they hire me not so much for the
actual imagery but more so the social media catapult they gain when I tag them. Yes, I'm talking about
Instagram. The platform that if it was to dissapear today, most would be
forgotten tomorrow. This is why I have a love/hate with social media. Even if the public doesn't consider me a real photographer, my intentions are true. And even if some of these girls
will never be high fashion models, I see something in them that goes beyond curves or what is considered beautiful by pop culture today. As genuine as my photographs are, the
intentions behind them are just as honest. So here is
West, beautifully vulnerable and candid through my eyes.

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[ NOVEMBER 1, 2016 ]     -     STEPHANIE
Let's talk about my current state of wellbeing for a moment, shall we? I have literally never been happier! This is the first month at my new place and it feels amazing to wake up
everyday and look out my window and know that I fucking upgraded. No financial help from anyone, all on my own. If you guys remember, my last apartment was a tiny box. Now my
neighbors look at me as if they question how a dirtbag such as myself moved in next to them. One answer, hard work and a uncanny desire to never listen to those who tell me I'll fail.
The best part, this new living situation is merely a stepping stone to the future that I see for myself. A life that I know I will obtain because the proof is in my failures. I've always refused
to give up. I never gave in and most importantly, I never listened to the people who tell me I can't. With that being said, do I still have bad days? Of fucking course! I'm naturally
depressed and a maniac. I've been this way for as long as I can remember but tell me one true artist that isn't a weirdo. I'll wait. I guess what I'm trying to say is, If you're in my life, you
need to accept all of me or get the fuck out of my way. I have meetings, I have deadlines, I have shit I need to create. Peoples judgements or their need to try to give me insight on my
own world and actions need to tend to their own lives. The person they're judging is also the one who built all of this on his own with nothing more than ambition and an eagerness to
learn. I've failed forward and kept shit moving, even when I was at my lowest low. So if you think my drinking, partying or need to bug the fuck out from time to time is destructive,
watch what I build in the next couple of years!

Have a great weekend, I love you.
[ NOVEMBER 9, 2016 ]     -     JOSHUA
I recently shot a few snapshots for longtime supporters and good people over at ONLY NY . Enjoy!

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[ NOVEMBER 17, 2016 ]     -     INTERNS
It's that time again! We're looking for 1-2 motivated interns to help with the expansion of our continuous projects and deadlines. As always, we're very selective with who we add to our
team. You must be passionate, creative and business savvy in all aspects of photography, design and office work. 18 or older and transportation to and from our Hollywood office is
required. Please be sure to tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to join the Steezy® team.

Send resume here
[ NOVEMBER 16, 2016 ]     -     KATE
I'm pretty certain that everyone at this point is aware of how much I adore Kate. She's one of my closest friends and we've had some amazing highs and endured major lows together.
So when someone who I hold so dear to my heart visits my new place for the first time and is wearing a
Steezy® bralette, it's mandatory that I take a couple of photos.

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[ NOVEMBER 15, 2016 ]     -     TRUMP WON
Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about Trump winning. I was reluctant to even write about this but I felt the need to state my personal views on the matter. First of all, I don't think
we as Americans should ever go out of our way to protest in a manner that leads to people getting hurt or property being damaged. If most of these infuriated individuals put that type
of effort and energy into, let's say a job or business, I'm sure they would find a way to streamline a fruitful income. Secondly, if you're awake, if your eyes are wide open, you will already
know that there is very little that we truly have control over. The only thing we can do is be the best version of ourselves and live a meaningful life. When all is said and done and which
ever way the needle would have pointed, I think we need to remind ourselves that its more about where we live rather than who is running it. To know that we elected a business tycoon
(with whom I don't completely agree with) as our new president goes to show that there is hope for any intellectual and intelligent person to lead this great nation. That alone should
give inspiration to everyone that anything is possible. America is great, our freedom is great and we have all of the opportunities in the world. It just so happens that some of these
opportunities need to be made by us. It's completely in our own hands. That's all I'm going to say. Be safe and love one another.

Model :
Emily Sears   -   Bullet riddled gas tank by Lucien Smith
[ NOVEMBER 14, 2016 ]     -     STEEZY® X MYVL
Thanks Chanel. We love you too!

Via Instagram
[ NOVEMBER 13, 2016 ]     -     ONLY NY
Joshua and Fotopuppy for Only NY.

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[ NOVEMBER 12, 2016 ]     -     LAFAYETTE
Lafayette and Privilege are two of my favorite Japanese brands and clients. We have some really rad shit releasing together later this month but for now, here's a couple of snapshots.

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[ NOVEMBER 11, 2016 ]     -     LIFE
With the holidays approaching, we decided to re-release some of our most popular products. You can now pre-order our infamous WMBL coffee mug, Brass Zippo® and 6-pc flask set.
These three items sold out instantly and are always requested to make a return on our webshop. Here's your chance to give yourself, boyfriend, girlfriend or just that special someone
something amazing this year! Pre-order's start today and are scheduled to start shipping December 5th. Hurry, these items are extremely limited and we'll be closing the pre-order
option shortly.

Available here
[ NOVEMBER 20, 2016 ]     -     KATERINA
Here is a sample image of Katerina from our shoot today. She looked super rad in our Film 5-panel hat but I really can't wait to post the full set! Coming soon.

Leica Typ 109
[ NOVEMBER 19, 2016 ]     -     SPITFIRE®
I did a fun shoot for Deluxe/Spritfire®. These dudes are fucking awesome and I hope to work with them again. Especially because I grew up using most of the products they distribute.

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[ NOVEMBER 18, 2016 ]     -     ONLY NY
Since the devastating passing of Dylan Rieder, I've seen a lot of tributes dedicated to him but none of have been as curated and sentimental as the one What Youth put together in
conjunction with
Mark Oblow. Flipping through the 140 something pages of photos, notes and drawings almost reads like a personal journal of Dylan. An intimate look at who he was
and who he will always be to those who adored him. As I turned the pages I found my vision getting blurry due to the tears I was fighting as I felt a tremendous wave of love and energy
in the words and images. As I'm sure he inspired most, he definitely inspired me and the way he passed brought back personal pain that I doubt I will ever truly get over. RIP, True Blue.

Available here
[ NOVEMBER 25, 2016 ]     -     KATERINA
A few images of Katerina hanging out in my restroom.

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[ NOVEMBER 24, 2016 ]     -     BOOKMARC
If you live in Los Angeles, do yourself a favor and visit my absolute favorite bookstore, Bookmarc. Ask them about the free mini cans of sparkling wine.

Yashica T4 Super D
[ NOVEMBER 23, 2016 ]     -     KATERINA
A handful of snapshot's featuring Katerina smoking a hand-rolled cigarette while wearing Joyrich.

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I visited this space tonight and walked away with a heavy heart. Not because the artifacts and installations are depressing but more so because the stories this space embodies hit so
close to home. I think we as humans have this innate ability to put ourselves through pain. Granted some are inevitable but when it comes to interactions with our counterparts we tend
to explore roads that lead us to desolate destinations. Reading and visually scanning peoples experiences reminded me of my own agonies, some self-inflicted and some unavoidable.
Emotions that reminded me that we're only human, that we as a society need to experience heartbreak just to remind us of what true and actual love feels like. I encourage you all to get
off of your devices and walk through the experiences, the distress, the love and the broken, all housed within this museum. Thank you babe for showing me something new.

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[ NOVEMBER 21, 2016 ]     -     PRODUCTS
I was asked to shoot a mini visual for Ugg. Growing up with my mother and sisters wearing the cozy boots instantly made accepting the project an easy yes. When I think about the
boots, I think about my sisters in high school,
Keanu Reeves in the movie, Point Break and countless other California natives that adopted this Australian brand into their daily wardrobe.
I wanted to capture that on
Emily with vintage time capsules from Harley Davidson, Saint Laurent and Stone Island. Naturally, I photographed this set with 35mm film.

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[ NOVEMBER 26, 2016 ]     -     DYLAN RIEDER