OCTOBER 12  2015  -  8:00pm  //  LIFE
I recently replaced my Leica D Lux 4 with her newer, more developed sister, the Typ 109. I'm not going to get into all of the technical aspects of the camera such as megapixels and
the 4K video capability because there's literally hundreds on the web but I will give you my honest opinion on the overall feel, usability and why this camera works so well for someone
like me.

The compact body with the additional grip is extremely comfortable in the hand and is built like a tank. The photo output is remarkable and easily comparable to cameras with bigger
sensors, yet the photos aren't overly done with perfection. You still get a little bit of texture in the images, which I happen to adore because it reminds me of my film snapshots. Once
you dial in the color and tones in-camera it quickly becomes one of your favorite things to shoot with. Which brings me to my next favorite feature, the video on this little work horse is
insane! Sharp as a tack and performs flawlessly in low light. I really like the manual aperture and focus rings when recording but you're obviously not going to get a cinematic type of
quality... it's still really fucking amazing for a compact though. I'm sure if it had a flip up screen and was more affordable, it would easily be a vlogger's number one choice.

So there you go. The size, feel, type of quality it produces (with flash or natural light) and the overall usability of this camera makes it perfect for those of you who are like me and can't
stand toting around huge DSLR's. Whether you're working on a photo campaign, shooting B roll for a video or just shooting product, this little guy performs beautifully.

OCTOBER 1  2015  -  4:15pm  //  LEICA® TYP 109
Candid photos of Shay that I completely forgot I shot. Enjoy.

OCTOBER  3  2015  -  11:36am  //  SHAY
I remember Danielle being a very interesting girl. We spoke about astrology, sex and horoscopes. I can recall thinking she was really weird, it instantly made me like her. We shot for an
hour and would periodically dive deep into conversations as she sat on my floor looking through her bag for wardrobe. The sort of "hippie"...

OCTOBER 6  2015  -  3:16pm  //  DANIELLE
Here's a sneak peek at my new project with Privilege® (New York, Japan) featuring Kate Compton. As I stated in a prior post a couple of weeks ago, Kate and I are working on a bunch of
really amazing things! We will periodically drop some content on you throughout the next six...

OCTOBER 7  2015  -  8:54pm  //  KATE
I really wanted these photographs to reflect the candid friendship Westvelyn and I have. We talk like we've known each other forever, we share our joys and problems and we drink wine
like it's water. We laugh at stupid jokes and we get emotional while listening to hardships. To me, that is the best type of subject matter to...

OCTOBER  9  2015  -  1:43pm  //  WESTVELYN SNIPES
Sometimes the stars align and things just sort of fall into place. That's what happened the other day when Emily came by for a surprise visit and after a long talk about life and ambition,
she left as a part of my team. Being able to hire and work with like minded individuals is a true luxury, especially the ones that you know will work their ass off and bring a fresh...

OCTOBER 10  2015  -  11:15pm  //  TEAM STEEZY®  -  EMILY
I recently started writing and test shooting the treatment to a short film that I plan to produce and direct. I don't really want to talk too much about it but with Halloween coming up and
Demons mask almost being sold out, I figured I would share these test shots from this particular scene that got cut from the story. I'm extremely excited and nervous to bring...