These are some old photos I had sitting on my hard drive for awhile. I thought I would do something different to the edits. I'm kind of into them! On another note, Jocelin is finally back
from India! I feel like she has been out there forever so I'm stoked to be able to hang out and pick...

AUGUST 1 2014  - 3:41pm  //  STEEZY FOR DIAMOND
Aubrey booked me to test shoot her while I was in Vegas. She was a total sweetheart and very easy to talk to. We shot a few looks in about an hour and a half. I tried to make it fast since
she was just getting over being sick. The only thing that sucked is that it was 114 outside so we were limited to shooting...

AUGUST 3 2014  - 8:10pm  //  JOCELIN
Natalie came over to help me test out new lighting. She seriously has some of the raddest style I have ever seen. I'm stoked to add her to my team and have her dressing my models. I'll
post more of the photos we shot later in the month. -- Natalie, I adore you! Why do we talk so ghetto when your hair is like this? It's awesome!

Canon 5D MK II
AUGUST 6 2014  - 1:43pm  //   AUBREY EVANS
The photo that Diamond bought off of me recently just found it's way on a new range of Tee's. It comes in four color-ways and is available here. From what I'm hearing, it's moving fast!
Thanks again Nick, Jenny and you too Tony for being so awesome!
Fashen DJ'ed at DBA so I decided to invite a couple of new friends out to party with us. The night was fucking amazing and ended around 4am on Fashen's rooftop where we chilled
and laughed about stupid shit. You know, typical booze talk. Hallie and myself have been exchanging text's here and there for awhile. This was the first time we hung out, danced and
kissed. I dig her. So fucking weird, I never like anyone. -- You better take care of my Northface jacket, lil lady!

Polaroid Sun 600 / 600 Film
AUGUST 11 2014  - 2:14pm  //   NATALIE
What a fun night! We drank a little booze and shot photos at Fashen's and then we all hit some club thing in Hollywood and got a little tipsy. I think all together we shot about 4-5 sets of
photographs hanging out in the apartment. There's never a dull moment with this girl. It's always loud and sporadic and full of...

AUGUST 15  2014  - 12:39pm  //  LIFE
Kylie was such a cool babe to hang with. Very approachable and comfortable in front of the camera. She laughs a lot and even dished out a little shit talking here and there when I
would be a smartass. I dig it! We shot a few different looks in two hours but these were some of my favorites from...

AUGUST 17  2014  - 9:47pm  //  SHAY
This is Luci, she's one bad ass little bird and quite the character. A little feisty, very funny and just an all around awesome girl. We shot about four looks in around an hour and even had
time to grab coffee. You'll be seeing a lot more of this little babe on here shortly.

Canon 5D MK II
AUGUST 20 2014  - 11:29am  //  KYLIE  -  TEST SHOOT
This is Tara. She came by today by way of Chicago. The first thing I noticed about this doll was her cute lil size 3 infrareds (shoes). Her and Fotopuppy have the same joints! They were
instant buddies. Tara told me to save the baby shoes for when we have a kid. Sounds fun! -- It was great seeing you. Can't wait to party in Chicago in three weeks!

Fuji Instax 210
AUGUST 21 2014  - 9:17am  //  LUCI FORD  -  TEST SHOOT
Reflecting on my week via iPhone. From Monday to Thursday everything was great. I worked and hit Runyon everyday. I was feeling spectacular and happy to be physically and
mentally focused. Thursday came around and I ended up at this VIP thing with lots of cool people like Brody Jenner. We talked for a sec, I grabbed some free drinks and then dipped.
Friday starts off rad because I was excited to hang and party with Hallie. We hit DBA again where they gave us a complimentary table and bottle service, it was poppin! We were
dancing and laughing and even a little flirting and kissing was going down. Then our host brought out the second bottle and thats when shit started hitting the fan. The blackout was
creeping around 2am. We randomly bump into Drama and end up in his Rolls Royce on our way to his house in the hills. Now I'm in full blackout mode and start acting like a total prick
to the girl that I think so highly of. To get straight to the point, I said some horrible things to this lovely lady that I wish would have never came out of my mouth. I don't remember the full
details of my actions but I'm sure it was bad. There's honestly no way I can even justify the things I said or did. I feel like total shit because I really liked this girl. I haven't been bummed
like this in about four years but I gotta deal with it because It's safe to say we won't be talking again. The dynamics of me and dating are nearly impossible due to the drunk asshole that
comes out from time to time. -- On Saturday Tara stopped by. She was out here from Chicago. I've never met her in person but she's been following my work for forever and we somehow
became connected through IG. It was rad to see how stoked she was to meet me. She was so cute and nervous, I had to give her a huge hug. We chilled for a couple of hours, talked
about life and mostly played with Fotopuppy. After she left I hit some art gallery's with Fash and then came home and worked on edits. -- Life is so weird, well, maybe it's just my own
little world in my head that's weird. -- P.s. thank you to the girls that text me saying I'm hotter than Brody. Haha that dudes game is seriously next level! Emily, stop calling me
#DannySneezy, shit's catching on because of my hand always covering my ugly face!

iPhone 5s
AUGUST 23 2014  - 11:21pm  //  LIFE
I like when Mariah comes over because we shoot tons of content in such a short period of time. She's one of the easiest girls to work with. I totally forgot I had a smoke machine so we
decided to bust it out for a couple of shots. We couldn't stop laughing at how gnarly...

AUGUST 24 2014  - 11:07pm  //  LIFE
AUGUST 25 2014  - 6:41pm  //  MARIAH LEE